Sunday, January 11, 2009


Not sure why I have decided to do my spring cleaning in January, but that is what has been happening around here for the last two weeks. That could be a good thing I guess. 

Not much to blog about. Work has been hectic and all this cleaning has kept me busy for the last two weekends.

Trying to decide whether or not I should go to the 2009 Milblog Conference.  Sent out an email checking with several to see if they were going or not, and no one seems to know just yet.  I have checked on a flight, but just can't make my mind up.  

Other than cleaning and working, nothing else is worth blogging about...


AirmanMom said...

stacy... I've been digging boxes out of closets...sorting and cleaning as well. I thought perhaps I was nesting before my daughter gives birth-hmmmmm....
As for the MilBlog convention, I live in the DC Burbs, so I am thinking I may catch Metro to attend the conference...not totally decided yet.

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

I'm a veteran said...

I think cleaning the house is a good thing to start the new year right!


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