Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I spent this past weekend moving and I am still paying for it.  Don't know what I would have done without Michael, Kristi, Kim, Pat and Mom and Dad.  By Sunday night my back was killing me and I was ready for a long calgon bath.  It's not in the order that I would like for it to be in, but it is getting there.   Those stairs to the second floor are getting to me already.

You would think when you buy a home that nothing would go wrong.  I walked across the living room floor Monday night and felt the cold sloshing water on my bare feet and just about lost it thinking that Henry had been a bad boy that day while I was at work.  I used every towel that I had to soak up all I could.  Thank goodness for making the Seller purchase a year's worth of insurance.  Not sure what is wrong, but the plumber will be out bright and early Saturday morning.  

So much for having a smooth move.  I hope that this is my last move that I ever have to make.   Will post pictures after I have settled in.  Hopefully it will be one day real soon. 


AirmanMom said...

It's always such a good feeling to be settled! I can't wait to see the pictures!


Jean said...

Good luck and many blessings in your new home! It's fun to think about a new place, miserable to physically do the move, but the accomplishment of the task is the reward. Hope all goes well with the plumber and the problem nothing drastic - that's the pits! Take care.


tammi said...

I thought of you ALL weekend! And I'm sorry to hear about the water, but thank GOODNESS you got the insurance.

And it's YOURS! All YOURS!! I'm so happy for you.

That's enough to make me wish I could make that drive again, just to see it. Almost. ;-)

Congrats!! And let the nesting begin.

Call Me Grandma said...

You moved? Where have I been?
Moving can be the pits, but I'm glad you had help.
I pray your new home is filled with laughter and a lot of good cheer.


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