Friday, February 06, 2009

Patriot Family Pet and Hero Wins Contest

Lex was the K9 partner to Cpl Dustin Jerome Lee who was killed in Iraq in March of 2007. Lex was injured in the attack that killed his partner. He later received and "honorary Purple Heart" from the Military Order of the Purple Heart Ch 566.

Lex received early retirement and was adopted by Cpl Lee’s family in December of 2007. Lex’s early retirement and adoption was the first of its kind in Marine Corps history.

Lex’s current mission is to help his family heal from the loss of their son and brother and to also help other veterans and families to heal and cope with their losses as well. The Lee family and Lex currently visit VA Hospitals and attend speaking engagements to honor our fallen Soldiers and Marines.

The Lee family is proud of Cpl Dustin Jerome Lee’s service and also proud of his partner Lex, who stood by his side, while he lay injured.

Lex is an 8 year old German Shepherd dog that was trained in finding explosives and he is our Patriot Family Pet and hero.


Grand Prize Winner - $1,500 AAFES gift card: Jerome Lee
First Place - $1,000 AAFES gift card: Zachery Eierman
2 x Second Place - $500 AAFES gift card: Emily Seibert and Benjamin Croom
2 x Third Place - $250 AAFES gift card: Tabitha Welsh and Alyssa Tinker

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