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U S Army honored Byram, MS Middle School

The Mississippi Patriot Guard Riders were honored to be a part of this program.

Courtesy of WLBT.

Teacher and students honored for their encouragement to U.S. Troops

Posted: Feb 13, 2009 10:07 PM
Updated: Feb 13, 2009 10:45 PM

U.S. Army honored Byram Middle School

By Bert Case

BYRAM, MS (WLBT)- It is a simple idea, fix up a box from home, fill it with chocolates and items a soldier might need, and send it to those in harm's way and in the hospital, along with a note.

A simple idea that means a lot, according to MS. Adjutant General William Freeman.

"A tremendous boost to morale. And of course they take the candy and stuff and give it to the Iraqi kids over there," General Freeman said.

The lady who came up with the idea was officially commended by the U.S. Army. She is Cheryl Shelton, sixth grade teacher at Byram Middle School. We asked her how the idea originated.

"A friend of mine had a brother that was going to Iraq, and I said my students will write letters and we will send cards and pictures, and candy to him," Shelton added.

Fifty five boxes a month have been sent to the troops for six years and Major Mike Conroy, who works in the Pentagon, came all the way to Byram to say thank you.

"It truly helps our military, accomplish their mission," Major Conroy said.

The boxes from home made those who assembled them, like 11 year-old Kelly Byrd, and 12 year old Austin Partridge feel good.

"It helps everybody like to remember, the soldiers that are in Iraq. It feels good because they know that they are not alone," said Byrd.

One of the soldiers who got a box is now retired S.F.C. Norris Galatas of Meridian, MS.

"We are over here doing something that the world is against, and really people do care, but we like to hear it," said Sgt. First Class Galatas.

One hundred twenty students got commendations from the Army and everybody got a flag courtesy of the Woodmen Of The World.

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That's an awesome story!! :) I'm sure it's something those students won't ever forget.


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