Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The time is getting closer.  We now have a date for the send off ceremony for his unit.  

I had someone ask me yesterday if I was "SCARED".  You damn right I am scared to death.  Why wouldn't I be.  If I weren't scared, I would not be a normal mom.  

As the time gets closer, I find myself getting a little more teary eyed each time I think about it.  Things are different for this deployment.  He is much more wiser and much more mature.  He's got a lot more to think about before he leaves this time.   

Funny how 4 years sure makes a difference in a young soldier.  He is thinking way ahead this time, as with the first deployment he just had himself to worry about.  This time he has a new wife, a home and animals to think about.

He brought me his generator yesterday, just in case I need it during hurricane season while he is gone.  Think he has Kristy all set at their house as well.  She has learned how to drive the zero turn lawn mower and love it she says.  

These next few weeks will be filled with lots of emotions I am sure.  


Some Soldier's Mom said...

Lordy, we are right there with you... we will be here every day and night for you, Kristy & Michael... getting ready to fire up those flat rate boxes!! and you have our numbers and you know there is no such thing as a clock when you need us!! you are all in our prayers...

Call Me Grandma said...

Ihope the time flies by for you all...real fast.


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