Saturday, April 04, 2009


You would not think that those two letters and two numbers (DD93)would bring tears to your eyes, but they did yesterday.  After yesterday, I think Michael will make a few changes to that form when he returns to Camp Shelby on May 1st.  There was also a video talking about making sure that this form was filled out properly just in case, that really was tough to watch.  

Today will be another crammed filled 6 hours and then we will be done. 

I informed Kristi of this blog yesterday.  She had no clue that it had been around since December 2004, and was mesmerized when Michael and I were telling her all about it.  I guess I just assumed that he had told her that the last 4 years of his life were plastered on the internet for all to see.   She is such a good sport.  She is just fine with her picture where all can see.  


Retired Navy CPO said...

VERY important form. I cannot empasize just how important that is and even more important that it be kept up to date. I could tell you guys some really horrible stories.

RamblingsOFaSAHM said...

Thank you for this post. My husband had to go in this past Satuday for some sort of training day where they went over their DD 93, and his form was all wrong! It had his info from when he was deployed the first time, mixed with his updated info. After reading your blog today he redid a second one that I will keep at home just in case. Agian thanks for the post!


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