Saturday, April 18, 2009


Kristy tried putting this party together without him knowing and I blew it. I text him at 6:00 last night telling him that I was out of town and that my alarm was going off at the house and ask him if he could go over to the house and turn the alarm off. That's when he started getting suspicious. They hopped on the Motorcycle and headed to the house and we all headed to their house to get the party going. He says that he figured that I had something up my sleeve, but once they got here and the alarm was not going off, he then decided that we were trying to pull one over on him.

So, they headed back to their house and the whole way back, he just knew that something was up. He says that he got to thinking about our conversation, and it just did not jive. They pull up at the house and he comes running around the back and we start to walk out and he says "Surprise" to us.

All in all, it was a great party and I kept up with the young ones. I think I got home around midnight.

The cake was made at Kroger. Kristy took a photo to them and for $19.99 they did a wonderful job on the photo cake.


Airborne dad said...


I noticed he is holding Flip camera. They are awesome.

Call Me Grandma said...

Happy Birthday Mike!
May God Bless You on your special day and always.

kbug said...

Happy Birthday, Mike...a bit late, but just as heartfelt. Don't you just hate it when they figure it out ahead of time? We're going to try to surprise Seth with a homecoming bash when he comes in on leave after he gets back from the sand. Hopefully, no one will spill the beans..... :)


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