Tuesday, June 09, 2009


It was one HOT morning to say the least. The ceremony was not but about 35 minutes long, but we had to arrive early to make sure that we had a seat. Then the traffic getting off the base was worse than I had ever seen it.

We are counting the days down. Not many to count, but they are being counted. It's going to be a busy next few days trying to visit everyone before he has to head out, so it might be quiet around here for a few days.

As Michael's Paw Paw said to the lady sitting in front of him.  You see my grandson, he right there in the camo uniform...Can't you see him!!!

Here are all the photos that were taken today.

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Some Soldier's Mom said...

thought about you as soon as we awoke in stormy atlantic city this morning... fond thoughts and much love to you all these last few days. remember, it's not good bye -- it's only until you see him again. {{{{HUGS}}}}


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