Friday, July 17, 2009


He has finally made it to his destination in the Sand after spending a month in Kuwait. He's feeling great he says. He is trying to track down a package that had arrived before he did. He located one yesterday, but still searching for the other one. He received the first package that Kristy and I packed up for him, but not the one that his Grandmother sent.

He was able to call and talk to Kristy for just a few minutes yesterday afternoon, just long enough to tell her that he had made it safely and ask her to call me to let me know as well.

He's not sure just what he will be doing, but knows that it will be in 12 hour shifts. This deployment is so different from the first one. No cameras, no cell phones and all internet is monitored very closely. So, I know very little about what he will be doing, which might be for the better.

Not sure just how much access he will have to a phone or yahoo instant messenger.

Will keep everyone posted and thanks for all the calls checking on him while he was sick.


Some Soldier's Mom said...

WHOOHOO (well, ok, whooohooo). Glad he is feeling better, glad you got to speak with him the other day and that Kristy got to hear his voice as well. and if he doesn't have much technology, maybe he will send post cards or write a letter??? HUGS to you all!

AirmanMom said...

Good news! If you would like to e-mail his address to me, it would be my honor to write him a letter or send a package. t20837 at yahoo dot com.
God Bless!


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