Thursday, July 02, 2009


Just to hear his voice...

Tomorrow will be 14 days since we have talked to him on the phone. It seems like it has been a lot longer than that to me. I can only imagine how Kristy feels.

It's been several days since I talked with him via yahoo IM until today. It was getting late his time and he did not have much time to chat, but just wanted to let me know he was fine. He was having trouble texting with Kristy, so he had me call her to tell her that the internet connection was not too good. 

He's got lots going on, and said it might be a few more days before he could get to a phone to call. He says that the lines are so long for the phones. From what I am gathering from others, the wait at times is hours for the phones. Hopefully that will all change once he is settled on the FOB.

Kristy and I have a busy weekend planed.  We are headed to Louisiana for a family get together on Saturday, then going to stop back by and spend the night at my parents house and go to church with them on Sunday.  Their church has 8 soldiers with ties to the war.  Not sure what all we will be doing, but will make sure and take lots of pictures.

Happy 4th to you all.   

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Guard Wife said...

I know the lines are very long--that's what I've heard from Brian. And, the lines for the computers offered by the USO are super long. Brian hopes once he gets where he's going he will have better access to a wireless connection. Me too.

I'm sorry it's been so long. I hope he can call home soon.


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