Friday, August 14, 2009


It's been since Monday of this week since Kristy or I have heard from Michael on IM, and its been since August 4th since we have received a phone call from him.

He's sick again, and not sure if they have put him back in isolation or not.

This waiting game is getting the best of the both of us. My phone rings daily or I either get an IM from family members asking if we have heard from him, and I have to say those dreaded words "NO NOT TODAY"...

Not sure how many more days of silence either of us can handle, and just think, it's only been 56 long days since his boots hit the ground.


Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

It is rough to have to wait between phone calls. Because of my husband's missions while he was in Iraq I only usually got a phone call once a month. And we had no internet communication whatsoever.

If he has internet and calls more than once a month, you're very lucky. But I also know that when they are over there the way to have true peace of mind is to hear from the like everyday!

I hope the rest of his time goes by quickly for your family!

AirmanMom said...

My prayers are lifted for your soldier and for your anxious heart!

Some Soldier's Mom said...

I remember how hard the silence is... so it's good to remind you & K: NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS 'CAUSE BAD NEWS TRAVELS FAST. (I know it's little consolation... I know... but it's something??

prayers for all. xxx SSM

Jim and Jami said...

I know Some Soldier's Mom has already said this, however no news is good news. that is exactly what my son Jake said to me today on IM, no news is good news. I know that is little comfort, just know I am hanging right there with you and Kristy, you both are in my thoughts and prayers. As you told me keep busy, and crying is okay, I had my sobfest yesterday. All I can offer you is my support, and you have it. Standing there with you one army mom to another!

Guard Wife said...

FINALLY. This crazy comment box wouldn't open for me the last couple times I tried.

If you want me to see if Brian can ask around to try and find your son, let me know. I know it's a huge place, but if he had some names to go with, he might be able to ask around?

E-mail me if you want him to try. I worry when you worry.


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