Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I sure do hate them. Spent Saturday night and up into the wee hours Sunday morning there with Kristy. She has been put on strict bed rest by her doctor. She has a UTI, and he gave her some antibiotics and put her on a low sodium diet for all the swelling. He also put her on strict bed rest until he figures out why she is swelling up so bad. I did not know until we were told by the nurse that a UTI can cause you to go into labor. She had several contractions while they were monitoring her and the baby. It's way too early for Alexis to make her grand entrance at 6 months, so lets hope the bed rest and antibiotic will work.

Michael had come online about the time we were headed to the emergency room with Kristy, so he was very worried about her and would not get off the computer until we had gotten all the test results in. He was exhausted by the time we finally figured out what was wrong with Kristy. I was able to record the baby's heart beat and emailed it to him. He thought that was pretty cool. Thank goodness for iphones and an application called voice memos that I was able to download. He feels helpless being 7000 miles away, but he knew that Kristy's Mom and I, along with her best friend were taking excellent care of her.

She will now go to the doctor once a week until Alexis is born.

Will update when we know something else.


Army Wife said...

This is scary scary news....


Hate to hear she is swelling up so bad...


prayers said!

Trudy said...

Will be thinking of you....If I calculate correctly, my daughter is due the same day (December 24)with our first granddaughter...

We live in Michigan, she lives in Texas....and the long distance is killing me....your son must be going nuts!!!

Take care


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