Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hope everyone has a wonder Thanksgiving as I know I will since our Soldier and his new baby girl and wife will be joining us this year. We won't have to leave an empty chair as he is home and if all goes as planned he won't be returning to Iraq EVER...

I am again hosting my Dad's whole side of the family at my house. It will be close to 50 here this year and my new house is almost 1/2 the size of my previous one, but I promised my grandmother before she passed away years ago that I would carry on the tradition and have Thanksgiving at my house. I'm a glutton for punishment I do believe. Actually I love having it at my house, just hate the clean up afterwards.

I'm off work until Monday of next week, and I plan on enjoying every single minute of my time off by spending it with the ones I love.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Please keep our TROOPS that are in harms way in your thoughts and prayers on this day.

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Call Me Grandma said...

I hope all goes as planned and he never has to go to Iraq or any war zone ever again.


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