Sunday, January 03, 2010


It's much needed and I'm not sure when I will be back, but I am sure I will be at some point. It's been one crazy year for me, and I feel like this is a much needed break...

Michael will be on special assignment with the Army for about 6 months here in the states, so hopefully my sleepless nights are over with for a long time.

I'll still be on Facebook for all that are on there. Don't think I could give that up.

Alexis at 6-weeks


Jim and Jami said...

she is beautiful!

Kessa Thea said...

Awwwww! She looks soooo cute.

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AirmanMom said...

I do hope to read your words day. Enjoy your rest. Baby is beautiful!

Call Me Grandma said...

She is beautiful.
I can see her growing already.


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