Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

The call came in early this morning. It caught me off guard, as he had been calling mid morning. I knew he would not forget what today was. They had all received the candy that the Support Group had mailed to them. He was also calling to let us know that he had mailed us a package with lots of goodies in it.

He finally received the rest of his luggage yesterday. He was excited, as all of his toys were in those bags. So now he has his play station and all of his other gadgets to keep him occupied when he is not busy. He says that they also have a gym that they work out in. The food is still decent, and he might be gaining a little weight he says. We were not able to use the webcam. The computers on his end are so slow, and right now they can only go to the ako website and check emails.

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Shelle said...

Hi Stacy Lee - Thank you!! My husband is with Troop A, 98th Cav. out of the 155th! Are you in Mississippi? I am. You are getting to hear from Michael so much and I am so glad. That has to be a relief. What a handsome young man!

Thank you for your comments on us not giving up the fight for Dakota. When we had to give his mom full physical custody because of the deployment, it just about killed us. She's fighting hard too - and because she's the mother, we have a hard road to journey across. But we won't give up.

You and Michael are in my prayers. God speed.


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