Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mr. Mailman please hurry and deliver my packages

He finally called this morning as I was in Wal-mart buying groceries and goodies to mail to him. The postman needs to hurry up with his packages, don't know how long he can survive. He's out of candy. He is having a candy attack. No telling how many deals he has made just to get those m&m's. I assured him that I had plenty laffy taffy and smarties coming to him. He was really excited when I told him that I had the Jelly Belly company ship him a box this past week. I don't think that he will run out of candy after it all arrives.

He had said that they had not been able to get on the internet nor use the phones for the last several days. It had been five days, and I was getting just a little concerned. I can just imagine what families went through during WW I and II without telephones. I am just thankful to hear from him when I do. It could be a lot worse, and only have the mail for communication.

The lady behind me in the check out at Wal-mart was telling the cashier to please don't disturb me, as she thought that I just might be talking to a soldier. She was so right. As if she could not tell. I am sure that I had this great big grin on my face as usual. When I see that unfamiliar/strange number come up on the cell phone, I know it is him. I don't think that I go anywhere, or do anything without that cell phone with me. I would be heart broken if I missed a call from him. He sure knows how to brighten up my day.

Michael ask me to call his Aunt Dee, Uncle Troy, Justin and Lauren to tell them to start answering those unfamiliar phone numbers that are showing up on theri caller ID, cause you never know just who might be calling from Iraq.

Hopefully he will start receiving some of his packages in the next couple of days. If not, they might have to give him a sedative to calm him, as I as sure taht he is having a sugar attack.


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Shelle said...

I hope Michael gets those packages soon. I couldn't do without my candy either!

I know what you mean about missing calls. I haven't missed one yet, but I would be heartsick if I did.

I'm glad he called you. Mine called me today too. It was a great Saturday, wasn't it? :)



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