Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mail Call

Thursday, February 10, 2005,

Two calls in one day. The mail really does go all the way to Iraq. He had called to let me know that he had received his Valentine's card today that I had mailed on the 2nd. I was not expecting him to get it so quick. He said that it was on his bed when he had gotten in from pulling 8 hrs. of duty. He said that he had moved into a the tent where all his medical equipment and tools are, and he is by himself. From what he is saying, he is going to be very busy repairing medical equipment.

He called back the second time to let me know that his new phone card works that I had gotten him. It is much cheaper. For $25.00 he can now talk for 10hrs 25min.

He will be going off the base tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to update everyone in a couple of days on what he is doing.

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