Sunday, February 27, 2005

Web cams, aren't they great

Whoever invented the web cam gets an A in my book. I actually got to see him today. I was offline, but got two calls saying that if I wanted to see him I had better hurry up. I was trying to connect, and call everyone else at the same time. He looked great. Very sunburned or wind burned not sure which one. Seems like it has been forever since I saw him. What a wonderful day.


Shelle said...

Awww - that is sooooo cool!!!! I would have cried. Did you?? That is so neat! I'm jealous... LOL I'm going to go check out the pix! :)

sher said...

My hubby is over there with him. I just got a pic from a digital camera of him today. He was actually smiling and also looked sunburned. It feels good to actually "see" them doesn't it? Best Wishes and keep your chin up!


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