Sunday, February 27, 2005

PX has finally opened

He was online early this morning. He had purchased a headset that has a microphone with it, so we were able to talk for quite some time. It sure was nice getting to hear his voice. I turned the web cam on, and he was able to see me, but his web cam will not work on his end. They are trying to get a satellite system so that they can get on the internet from their rooms. That will be so much more convenient when they get that.

He said that they had opened up a PX today. It does not have a lot of stuff in it yet, but they are working on it. Knowing him, I bet he was the first customer to make a purchase. He purchased a protein mix, said he was going to try to gain some weight. They will be going sometime next week to pick up some more supplies for the PX. That is going to be great for them having it at their camp. We sill still have to send him some things.

He is going to try to get back online tonight.

Still no more mail. He will have lots of it when it finally does arrive.

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