Wednesday, March 16, 2005

No internet cafe for a while

I received a short email from Michael this morning. He was using the internet in his tent, which he says is slower than dial-up. They have closed the internet cafe down until a computer is returned. What a shame that is for someone to take a computer. So he will not be able to instant message or use the web cam until the cafe opens back up.

It has been almost a week since I had heard from him, and I was getting just a little worried. The internet connection in his tent is so slow, and he said that it had not been working at all.

He said that he was fine, just tired. He has been on a detail for the last several days and today should be the last day at least for a little while.

That is about it, just wanted to let everyone know that everything is ok with him. Just misses everyone. No more than we all miss him though.


Al's Girl said...


How neat to find out that you are blogging too!!

I didn't feel right 'publicizing' it at the FRG meeting!!

Glad you heard from Michael!

:o) Melinda

Army Wife said...

Keep your chin up and head down.....does he need anything?


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