Sunday, March 20, 2005


The new car fever has set in with Michael. He is going to get a Subaru sports car. He has had his eyes on this car for the last year and a half. Before he left, he went to the dealership and took pictures of this car, and if I had to guess, I am sure that he looks at this picture every day. When he found out how much money he has saved so far, he really got excited, and I bet his heart was just a racing and he had a big grin on his face. He says that the car might be hard to find when he gets home. He is ready to go ahead and order it. SUBARU WILL HAVE TO LAY THE RED CARPET OUT FOR THIS SOLDIER, CAUSE THAT WILL BE THE FIRST STOP HE MAKES WHEN HE GETS HOME.

Slowly but surely the mail is trickling in. He had received a package that was post marked on the 2nd of February, so I guess that there still might be a chance that he will get that very first package that I mailed on the 1st.

They opened the internet café back up Friday morning, but Michael was not able to be on long. It had been a week since I had last chatted with him on instant messenger. Today he was able to stay on for about half an hour. He has been really busy the past several weeks he said. At least the days are going by faster when they stay busy.

The two Michael’s have bought a refrigerator for their tent. I am sure that they had to find a place to put all of that candy that they have received in the mail, but they could never have too much. So we will keep the packages of candy coming.


Shelle said...

LOL - It's nice that Michael can save his money. We're working on paying bills. Scott is wanting a new car too. Must be something in the air in the sandbox. :)

Some Soldier's Mom said...

Having money for a car is the only upside for our guys in the Box... my son has his heart set on a small SUV when he gets back and he's already made me promise to go comparison shopping when he's home on leave! Not to mention the car & finance companies have been selling this idea to the soldiers since before they left! They know these guys will all have money in the bank when they come home...

Love the blog!


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