Saturday, June 18, 2005

Once is just not enough

Michael called today, and he caught me off guard. Was not expecting to hear from him, but since he was having some internet problems, he figured that he would just call. It sure was good to hear his voice, even though we both have to repeat a lot of our conversation. It’s worth it to me.

You guys, I have now watched the video twice. The phone rang several times during the first viewing, so I figured that I had better take another look, and low and behold I had missed quite a few things. I know you all think that I have lost my mind, but I promise I haven't, at least not yet.

LT Hughes Subscribership has been better than ever.Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

SGT Dover, I will try to do a little better next time I send something over. Just might try to ship you some flowers or something.

Mr. Foster thanks for sending a great big hello to all our critters...

You guys need to practice on your new movie making careers. So get busy and send me another video.

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