Thursday, June 16, 2005

Our first video from Iraq

Thanks to the snail mail, our video from Iraq finally arrived today. You guys are the best. The video is wonderful. We laughed until we could not laugh anymore.

I did not realize that you guys have your own Production Company (it will make ya'll lots and lots of money. When you all get back, some of you might want to try moving to Hollywood and make a career out of acting. Just not sure you would be able to survive though.

DONUTS...Need I say anymore.Image hosted by

Thanks again to you all for the video. It was great. Keep it up, we need lots more of them to keep us laughing.


Joe_chemo2005 said...

Feel free to link my blog to yours, and to quote my poems. Please makes sure to note that they are my orgional work.


Call Me Grandma said...

No fair I want to see....God Bless you guys, and hurry home, stay safe.
Are you also known as Dixie lightening? I told my son about you, Stacy, and he said he trained for the first month, at MS, with the Dixie lightenings. They are from MS.
He came into Shelby, in Jan., so you guys were there at Shelby,then, even though it was only for a month.


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