Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This is going up our driveway. The pictures don't show the half of it. I am on my laptop, and don't have much time. They say that it will be 5-7 days before we have power. We are much better off than some. We have tried for two days to buy a generator, but no luck. Just wanted to share a couple of pictures.  Posted by Picasa


Call Me Grandma said...

Oh Stacy, it was worse than what they said. I heard on the news yesterday that it was losing it's punch as it was approaching land and then I woke up to see all this. I have been praying for you.
I talked to Carla last night. She said, to tell you she is thinking of you and she'll be in touch with news about Noah. Stay safe girlfriend. You and yours are in my prayers.

Karens Korner said...

Thank you for posting Stacy! I have been worried about you! Stay safe!

Al's Girl said...

Hey sweetie - well, your descriptions on the phone don't do these pictures justice - WOW! I really admire your strength - and I am praying for cool weather, a generator and for the power to be back on quick.

My house is always open - and I will cook for you (and hubby too) - and my offer for help this weekend still stands too.

I'm really sorry that something so yucky had to happen to such a good person. Sending you lots of cyber hugs!!

Elizabeth Bodin said...

wHey Stacy,
I have been trying to call you. Please if you get a chance call me. I have been so worried. Hattiesburg is horrible I rode out the storm there. I am safe back in Madison though. I love you and I hope to hear from you soon. If you need anything just let me know I'm not that far away. I love you, Elizabeth

Kat said...

Yikes!!! OMG I'm so glad you are ok...hang in there...we're all praying for y'all!

momsgoneloony said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers! I am so happy you are all safe, sorry for the conditions you're having to endure. Do you know of any families with small children from newborn to 8 or 9, boys 8 to 9, girls up to 4T, in your area that may need some clothing? I have tons here and will pack up a box and ship it out ASAP to you if you'd like. Take care, let me know...Kel


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