Friday, September 09, 2005


The following soldiers had received no information about their families earlier this week:

• Staff Sgt. Terry Seals of Poplarville; hasn't heard from his wife or his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Seals, also of Poplarville.
• Spc. Travis Hisaw of Pass Christian; hasn't heard from his wife.
• Staff Sgt. Stanley L. Peters of Sandy Hook.
• Spc. Billy T. Smith of Tylertown.
• Sgt. Arron M. Waldrop of Tylertown.
• Spc. Roderick B. Duckworth of Wiggins; hasn't heard from his wife, Chalesha, or his father-in-law, Shelby Kennedy.
• Pfc. Forest Reynolds of Long Beach.
• Sgt. Freddie J. Cagle Jr. of Gulfport.
• Sgt. Robert B. Hance of Pascagoula.
• Spc. Kimberly E. Garrett of Collins.
• Sgt. Paul Decoronado of Ocean Springs.

Our guys need our help, so if anyone has any information about the above family members, please contact the American Red Cross at (877) 272-7337 or the Hattiesburg American at (601) 584-3111 to have information forwarded to the soldiers.

Wayne's Mom has sent me an email asking that I post this information on my blog.

I have already been to 6 shelters in the Jackson, MS area last week with a list of names. This list is much smaller than the one I had last weekend. Looks like some have been located.


~K said...

This needs to be out there Stacy. I will link to you so people will see it.

Call Me Grandma said...

I have linked to you Stacy.

Melinda said...

Stacy-Have you passed this list on to Soldiers' Angels? There is a large group of Angels working now to help soldiers' families in the affected areas and I know they have contact with some guard units in the different states to see who needs what...maybe someone there has heard from these folks' families?

Praying this list shrinks even more & everyone is okay.

sher said...

Hey Stacy,

I had a similar list on my own site and got alot of good feedback. These lists really do help and going to the shelters helps even more. A group of us took the list to several area shelters and networked to get them all over most of the state. Keep it up.... it helps them all sleep better at night just to know someone is looking for them ;)


~K said...

What happened as you went to the Shelters Stacy? Find anyone?


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