Friday, September 02, 2005


Thought that I would share a few aftermath pictures. After three days of hard hard work, Marcus has the yard back in shape. He has not done anything with all the trees that fell in the edge of the woods yet. Those can wait until it is cooler.

Ok Michael, you see your truck. All the vehicles are ok and we are not keeping anything from you. We are ok, I PROMISE.


Karens Korner said...

It looks beautiful there...
Just beautiful..When my husband was alive, our yard looked so much better, than It does now.
I enjoyed your pictures stacy. Michael stay safe!

Call Me Grandma said...

I am so glad you are getting things cleaned up and back to normal. I hope you get your utilities back soon. I have been thinking about you all and praying, and doing what I can from here.
I am so glad that Michael had reached his destination safely. God Bless!

~K said...

It looks lots better Stacy. Bet that getting cleaned up allows you to breathe a little easier. Now about that power. Have any word on how much longer?
By the Grace of God it wont be as long as first said. Still praying for you and everyone else.
Michael, how does your truck look to ya?
I will be back home soon and will post then.

Erik Holtan said...

Well it looks pretty good now!
How are the other families faring in the 155th? I am sure some of them had to have had it very bad considering the geography! I know the Capt. I always told you I see here in LA. by Lake Ponchotrain!
Hopefully everyone there is safe!
Glad it wasn't too bad at your location!

AFSpaceVet said...

Good job! Hope everyone is coping well with the current situation.


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