Friday, September 02, 2005


I decided that I would play today. It's not like I have anything else to do, besides sit in the heat.

This is not my normal furniture, but when you have no electricity, and no water, you do what you have to do. We put our mattress on the floor, as it is a little cooler the lower you get to the floor. Only televisions is a small one that holds 8 D size batteries. I honestly don't know how my grandparents lived with no lights and all the necessities that we have in today's time. At this point, we are just thankful that we still have a home.

Our gasoline shortage in our area is so bad. We finally were able to get gas from one of the vehicles last night just to put in the generator. The only one that we could get any from was Michael's truck (which I am going to have to post a picture of it, as he thinks that we are not telling him everything, because he has not seen pictures of the vehicles. I promise Michael, all vehicles are ok...)

Go visit all the others over at KATY'S and see how they relax on their furniture in front of the TV. I envy them today. LOL...


Cam said...

Stacy, I'm so glad ya'll are all ok and your home is ok. I've been so worried about everyone down there and seeing the images on the television is just devastating. I hope the power comes back on soon ... I grew up in Texas so I know how hot and sticky Aug & Sept are in the South.

Thanks for keeping us updated and I'll be checking back often to see how everything is going for you.

Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

I feel for you - hope you get power soon. Be safe and thanks for keeping your blog up during this time!

Melinda said...

I am so glad you guys are okay & that you are able to keep us updated on you...I've been worried!

I do not do well in the heat, at all. I get "sassy", for the lack of a flattering term.

I hope your power is back soon or at the very least, the gas situation works itself out so you have generator power.

{{Hugs}}...well, how about a high five instead since hugging is a sticky prospect without AC.

Sheri & SuZan said...

Oh Stacy! I'm glad ya'll are ok and you have a home. I really feel for you with no A/C. I'm like Melinda when it comes to heat. Anyway, happy SPF, so glad you played and I hope you get your power back on SOON!

~K said...

as I am dealing with a not so healthy Handsome, I have thought about you lots.
Hope you can hang in there a little longer. miss ya hun. take care, think cool thoughts.
yeah corney I know, but it might help.


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