Sunday, October 16, 2005


This is the most wonderful DAD in the world. Christmas in October was today at my parents house. I decided that they really needed their Christmas present early, since theirs broke. He is reading the instructions for their new digital camera. He is one happy DAD. I had told my parents earlier in the year that I was not going to have much of a Christmas unless Michael was home, and at this point, we dont' have a clue if they will be home or not. So I decided that since they have company coming in from England next month, and my dad had been asking me about my digital camera, that what better gift could I come up with than this one.

Then I left my parents house headed home, and decided that I would stop and buy groceries, and ran into an old college friend Kim. We had a blast visiting and shopping for part of the afternoon. We actually discovered that we were getting a little older today. Thanks Kim, it was great to see you.

Thought that I would save the best for last Michael. STATE FAIR TAFFY and lots of it will be headed your way Monday. Our only reason for going to the fair was to get taffy. I had forgotten until we got there, just why I don't like the fair. Everybody and all their cousins were there for the last night. The smell was horrible, the people are rude and run right over you. Needless to say, we got the taffy, took a few pictures, (of which I will post another time, just for you Michael)then headed back home.


Some Soldier's Mom said...

You are a good daughter (and good mom, good wife!). You'll have to post up some of Dad's pictures now (have you shown him how to email them to you yet?)

Call Me Grandma said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Christmas in October, what a great idea. Your dad looks the way I did last month when I got my new digital camera.

Christie said...

glad you had a great weekend

Melinda said...

Nice gift!

Soooo brave of you to take in a fair to get taffy. I used to love going to our county fair as a kid. Now, it's just a little more than weird so we don't go anymore. REALLY churns up some interesting folk! LOL

Good to see your pics--you look great!

Did you survive your hectic work week???


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