Thursday, October 13, 2005


Sorry it has been almost a week since I have last posted. Work has just been unbelievable, and I know that Some Soldiers Mom has been where I am and knows what it is like to try to get documents filed before a new law comes into effect. My life should return back to normal next week. October 16th, 2005 can't get here soon enough for me.

I also got a really big surprise on Tuesday, and this is it. She sure has gone from being a teenager to a beautiful young married woman.

This is my daughter Dawn (actually my step-daughter), but I have always thought of her as my own. She will be here for a month long visit. Her husband is in the Air Force and they have to report to Belgium the first of December. She was not due in this early, and she was suppose to call to let me know, but she wanted to surprise me. When my phone rang Tuesday morning around 10:00, it was her, and when I said where are you, the door to my office opened. Talk about surpirsed. I was speechless, needless to say.

Michael came online shortly after she arrived at the office, and I immediately sent him an IM, and he said that he was headed out the door, and I was typing as fast as I could, WAIT A MINUTE, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU. He was surprised also. He had no clue that she was even coming into town either. They chatted and they each got to see each other on the cam, and Dawn felt much better after seeing that smiling face.

So if you will all excuse me for not blogging as much lately with work then Dawn arriving. She says she intends to fill that huge void in my life since Michael has been gone. Fill she definately will. We have so much fun together. So, be patient, and I promise that I will try to keep up better.

Thanks everyone for sending the emails and comments checking on me.


Kandice said...

aww what a great surprise,Stacy! You have a gorgeous daughter (I like her already without even really knowing her--gee I wonder why--haha). I'm sure you two will have a great time. I sure had a blast last weekend exchanging "dirt" with you. Lol. And I agree with Dawn seeing Michael's smiling face is the highlight of my day!

~K said...

She is beautiful Stacy. Glad to see you post.
I was going to leave a comment and tell you no friday to friday leaves allowed for "My Daily Reads" blogs.

Enjoy your time with your daughter.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

been there... done that... feel for ya, Girlfriend (I actually almost called and asked if you needed some help with crossing T's and dotting I's... ) So glad Dawn arrived safe and sound! I'm sure Dad is glad she's there, too. I miss talking with you! I'll call next week!

Call Me Grandma said...

You are full of surprises.
What a nice surprise for you.
Have fun with your daughter. I'll be looking forward to seeing you posting again...after the 16th.

Elizabeth Bodin said...

I know that you and Dawn will have so much fun!! We should all get together and hang out while she's home. I miss you. TTYL!! I love you, Elizabeth


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