Thursday, November 24, 2005



Thanks to all our brave men and women who are away from home this Thanksgiving serving our country. Thanks for protecting our freedom. Thanks for watching our backs and the backs of your fellow soldiers. We all appreciate it so very much. Each and every one of you are our HEROES and always will be.

This year there will be a place set at our table for our soldier who is away from home for the holidays helping protect us.

Michael we all miss and love you very much and truly appreciate the sacrifices that you have made this last year and a half for your family and your fellow americans. You have made each and everyone of us back home so proud of you. We will miss you on this Thanksgiving holiday. You will be in our hearts and prayers throughout the day as we give thanks and enjoy fellowship. (At least you get out of helping clean up the huge mess that our house is after Thanksgiving) You can make up for it next year.


Kandice said...

Happy Thanksgiving Michael, Stacy, and the rest of the fam.. My family loved getting to see you today and all wanted to show themselves on my cam..haha.. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Much love!..

Some Soldier's Mom said...

What a great picture! Next year, there will be at least one more in it! What a great day. Michael, I hope the chow was decent! Stay safe, soldier(s)!

Melinda said...

Great photo. :) Would love to have had a smiliar one @ my gathering, but it was COLD and snowing here! Ah, Ohio!!!

Hope Michael had some turkey to eat and that you're into single digits very soon!!!

Wayne's Mom said...

We heard from Wayne yesterday in a couple of special ways...a letter and a phone call. It was heaven!

~*~ Deanne ~*~ said...

I loved the big family pic. I know you can't wait for Michael to be home. :-)

Erik Holtan said...

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!
Thanks for thedonut hole comment, and they were good by the way. have not had a good donut in awhile! Not that I need it, but...
Have a great weekend!

~K said...

Great Picture Stacy.
I hope you get pictures of Michael doing dishes next year with bubbles up to his
(sorry Michael, hehe)
Hope Christmas brings you that one special present your praying so hard for.

sher said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your family and may all our soldiers come home safe and sound!


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