Saturday, November 26, 2005


Two calls within four days, and another long one at that. So long that my battery was giving me the little signal of battery low and our ears were starting to get really warm. The haji internet has been worse than ever for the past few days.

We talked a little bit about his redeployment date and also talked about what he wants to do when he gets home. (my first suggestion was some much needed R&R) Gosh so many things to choose from. Finishing school sounds good to us. So I will spend some time on the phone this next week trying to figure out just how much the guard will pay. Several different options as to what he wants to do. He only has a few more online courses to finish up his degree that he has his MOS in, and he wants to get that completed for sure.

Black Friday was the absolute worst ever. Dawn and I got up early and headed out for the best deals. I did not find the first deal that I just could not live without. Dawn actually stood in line at Old Navy for 2 hours. The lines started at the register and went all the way to the back of the store and then around to the side.

I have shopped the day after Thanksgivig for as long as I can remember, and I don't recall it ever being as bad as it was yesterday. I think that Old Navy taught me a lesson, which is to never shop on that day again. Maybe it was because I am just not in the Christmas spirit, but I really could not find a thing that I thought was worth the long lines.

Michael, Dawn says to tell you that she stole your Victoria Secret free undies card. We are still trying to figure out why you keep getting all the free gift cards from them.

Still counting. Adding days to the count down is no fun at all...

We love and miss you Michael.


~K said...

My single Brother said he gets cards as well, but it works for me cuse I get them....yeah!!!

Can't wait to say Welcome home to the beautiful guy you have.

Melinda said...

Glad you survived all the shopping...I didn't go w/my mom, aunt, cousin & sister. I figure I'll be in better Christmas spirit when I go and am not standing in line for 2 hours. :)

Some Soldier's Mom said...

Stacy, I have never shopped on Black Friday -- ever -- even all the years I worked in NYC... although my sister who was visiting from Texas was going through withdrawal!

I got your note about Dave... I'm praying hard and lighting candles... Glad Dan is there.

David M said...

OH my...I have never and will never shop on Black Friday. The crowds are too bad and the shop workers are too stressed. You are a braver person than I!

Katy said...

I bet it was because you have not quite gotten in the Christmas mood yet. Don't give up. There is no better tradition then buying cheap cheap stuff.;)

Pamela Reece said...

I didn't go out to retail stores on Black Friday. I did however, do some serious damage with my online shopping! Clicking away at my keyboard in the comfort of my home just seems like a better alternative. Now, I just need to sort all the boxes as they arrive and try to remember what is what and whos is whos!

Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Shopping on Black Friday can make you crabby the whole rest of the season!

Crazy Politico said...

The bad thing about this time of year is when you have regular shopping to do, and have to put up with the holiday crowds and crabs.

I'm thinking my new work shirts may have to wait until mid-January.

Len Kutchma said...

I detest shopping at the best of times!

I have never met your son Michael but he is in my thoughts. Godspeed.

..a fellow EIMCer


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