Monday, January 30, 2006


Soldiers' Angels/Armor Up Program needs our help. We still have lots of humvees that do not have adequate protection from IED's and direct fire on the front lines in Iraq.

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Soldiers' Angels is working with Kejo to provide kevlar blankets for the humvees on the front line at a cost of $925.00 each. These blankets provide extra protection from the IED's and additional protection from direct fire as well.

Please visit Soldiers' Angels/Armor Up Program and make a donation, and lets see how many of these blankets that we can put in humvees on the front lines in Iraq.

We made it happen with Project Valour and I know with the help of all the wonderful bloggers that are out there that we can raise the money that is needed to provide the extra protection to these humvees on the front line. So please open up your pocketbooks and find it in your heart to help make this project a success.

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