Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Reaching From Here To There" Program

Another way of supporting our troops who are deployed, by purchasing a book written by Holly Aho. Holly is an excellent milblogger, and I am looking forward to meeting her at the Milblogging Convention in DC in April. You can purchase a book for $14.99 and Holly will ship it to a soldier who has requested a copy.

There are currently 20 (19 actually, as I have just purchased one) soldiers on the waiting list to receive a copy of Holly's book. What a way to encourage and support our troops. You can purchase a copy of the book, and include a note of encouragement and support along with the book at Reaching From Here To There.

Holly will ship the book along with your note of encouragement to a soldier for $14.49.

Thanks Holly for all your hard work in putting this program together.


Crazy Politico said...

What the hell, mastercard already loves me, might as well give the 14.99 more worth of reasons, especially since it's for a good cause.

Erik Holtan said...

Thanks for getting it out there, although, I don't really have the desire to reach all the way over there anymore!

Holly Aho said...

I just wanted to mention real quick that it's $14.49 (50 cents can be a big deal..lol). The book is $9.99 and there's $4.50 for shipping.

Thanks so much for posting this on your blog Stacy! I'm looking forward to meeting you too in DC!


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