Sunday, March 05, 2006


Just for you ~K, an update on what Michael has been doing. I thought that I had better show you his face so that you would not think that I had knocked him in the head. Well as you can see from the picture below, the weather has been wonderful for riding the MOTO. He has not had much time to ride, as he has been working the night shift.

This was the first weekend that he has had off in several weeks. He has definately made the best of it I think. Racing his remote control cars, sleeping and of course riding the motorcycle.


~K said...

He must have had a blast this weekend.
Michael you look GREAT!!!! Someday you'll have to send me pics of them cars ya make so I can brag about you OK?
Stacy he is Beautiful. (I would have said Handsome but that didn't sound I bet you know why.heheh)
Hope ya get off the night shift soon Michael. More days off too.

Melinda said...

Good to see a shot of this guy. ;) The night shift can really STINK. I worked at a factory on 3rd trick for quite a time and spent many mornings doing 1/2 of 1st shift too...good money, terrible on my life. I need some SUN! Hope he can bank all his dough so he has plenty of MOTO gas money. :)

Christie said...

you were nominated!
go vote!

Army Wife said...

So glad to see he is enjoying himself, but few days off...that is a tough one.

Christie said...

*stands and applauds*
You won! Go get your award!

Crazy Politico said...

The bike looks like fun. Weather here would have been perfect for one.

Jen said...

I love the blue color of Michael's bike and it looks like so much fun! 3rd shift was my favorite shift when I was 18, when I had enough energy to get by on 3 hours of sleep a day!

Pam said...

Hey, I can definitely identify with the biking - I'm seriously craving some warm New England weather so I can get out on mine! Glad he got a chance to kick back and have some fun!

devildog6771 said...

Wow, you must be terribly proud!


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