Wednesday, June 21, 2006


My hubby called me this morning at work at 10:45 am and his exact words were "we have a major disaster here!!!" WHAT NOW WAS MY NEXT WORDS. As you can see from the picture below, apparently our hotwater heater decided it was time to be replaced. Hubby just changed shifts at work this week, so he was sleeping peacefully, and says he woke up hearing drip drip drip...

The rug that Michael sent me from Iraq was soaked. It took the both of us to get it outside. We have spent the last three hours moving furniture out of two bedrooms, my dining room and laundry room. As you can see the carpet is soaked.

The insurance company has been notified, and they told me it would be three to four days before the adjuster would call, but I went ahead and called the plumber anyway. It has to be replaced regardless.

I am now back at work to finish up what I was in the middle of and then I am headed back to the water hole for another good cry.


~K said...

Hope all is ok now????

Darned if I didn't "DO" a simular situation. I actually let my tub over flow in my bathroom. SHEESH!!!
I got so wrapped up in playing with Handsome I forget about the tub. (hitting forehead)
I too tore up the carpet. At least it was only the bathroom. Besides who puts carpet in a bathroom anyways? Gave me reason to FINALLY change to vinyl.

Pamela Reece said...

So sorry to hear that such a special piece was soaked. I hope when it dries out it will be okay! What a bummer!


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