Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Took this little snot to the vet because he has been limping now for two weeks. What fools he made of the both of us. Nothing at all wrong with him. The vet took x-rays and still did not find anything. Only thing it could be is a soft tissue injury, and gave him an anti-inflammatory and sent us on our merry little way. What a trip we had. The minute I returned home with him, he jumped down and started running like crazy.

These folks at the vet's office are bound and determined to take all of my hard earned money this month. I guess it could have been much worse. When the vet saw me walking in the office, he looked up and says "Which one today Stacy?" They should be tired of seeing us by now.

And guess who is motorcycle/homesick sick. He says that he wakes up with a backache and really misses his own bed. Nothing quite like being in your own bed when it comes time for a little sleep. He called last night, and he is so ready to come home. Actually I think he could use a home cooked meal. His days are long and very tiring he says. Only 4 more days to go.

It will be here before you know it.


yankeemom said...

Oh I know about those vet bills! Have to take the 25 pounder kitty in on Thursday. He has a special note in BIG red letters on his file - Danger Danger!! He has to be knocked out for them to do anything to him...esp the butt shave!

So you started cooking yet??

Kim said...

LOL! I'm so glad you remembered that email or I'd never know who you were tomorrow when you come in ... can't wait to meet you Girl!

Lemon Stand said...

With 4 cats, the vet bills are never ending but they are family so what can you do? I truly need to get off my butt and post some pictures on my blog. Looks like my trouble maker has been seen outside the witness relocation program from somewhere in our house. He has been hiding from DH. Not because he was abused or anything, just because he knows he's been using his office as a kitty box.

Katy said...

I am in love with that kitty.


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