Tuesday, October 10, 2006


You just can't get any sweeter than that. He is probablly going to kill me after he sees all these pictures.

He was so glad to get something to eat, and is taking advantage of poor Kandice. He says the kiss will have to be enough pay for now until he can get out of the hospital.

The sweet sweet sounds coming out of his mouth, well that is minus all the curse words that have made there way out over the last two days. He has come alive ya'll. Oh my gosh. I was beginning to think that he was not going to wake up. It had been almost 48 hours, and I thought that this last hour and a half would never come. Yes, he has been up for the last hour and a half, and he has not shut his mouth the whole time.

The cops came and ran all 20 plus kids out. I have really ticked off one nurse, and that was her way to get back at me I guess. I gave her a peice of my mind last night, so she figures that she will pay me back tonight. They have a sign up on Michael's door that says "Only 2 visitors at a time" . This hospital is the only Trauma Center in the state of Mississippi, and it is huge. You get lost everytime you want to walk downstairs, and his is the only room that I have seen that has that sign on it. I nicely ask the policeman why that was, and he could not give me an answer. I told Michalel that tomorrow morning after his Doctor makes his rounds and sees us, that that sign will be down I promise. I told these people, that all these kids were not hurting a thing, and they were not loud, and that they were just letting Michael know just how much they all wanted him to wake up and get better.

Just wanted to tell everyone thanks so much for all the prayers. They have been answered. He is going to have a long long recovery. The surgeons are saying two months at the least, but I really think that he will be back up and going before that. He hates that both of his arms are broken, and someone will have to do everything for him for the first couple of weeks at least. The pelvis should heal on it's own, the right arm they just reset it, the left one is what they did surgery on, and they put a plate and six screws in it. He has a very large large gash on his left thigh, that they had to do a good bit of work on in surgery yesterday, which has his surgeons a little concerned because they don't want it to get infected. He has been running a low grade fever, but hopefully the antibiotics will wipe the infection out. You would not know by looking at him that he had a concussion, but he does. The cat scan showed some blood, and they were a little concerned about that. They are sending in a specalst tomorrow to evaluate his head injury. He had just a very small amount of internal bleeding when he was brought in, but they were not concerned about that. I think that covers everything.

He has passed out now, so we just might get a good nights sleep tonight. We all need it.

Thanks again everyone for your prayers and kind words. It means more than words can say. Thanks again.


Army Wife said...

Thank GOd!!

Still praying here!!!

David M said...


The staff of The Thunder Run are thinking of and praying for you and Michael at this diffcult time. If you need anything please let us know.

Bethany said...

Glad to hear he is awake. We have been praying for you and your family. Let me know if there is anything we can do for you, we're just down the street.

LoveMyTanker said...

Great news!! Hugs to you all and please let us know if there is something we can do to help from afar!!

Oddybobo said...

Thank goodness, wonderful news!

The One (I know how to be) said...

It is great seeing them pictures for myself. He is still as cute as ever. I have goosebumps looking at these pics. When I first read that Michael was hurt, I cried. For him for you and for your whole family. Not to mention I think the kid is wonderful. I am just glad he is Ok, and prayers have been answered.
Take care of yourself Lady, I know your spending lots of time at the Hospital. You know you can't wear yourself out to much. Hope your eating right. I do worry about you all ya know.

Melinda said...

Oh, I am so thankful to be reading this! I've been worried sick about him and about you & wondering how it was going down there.

Remember to take your own advice & eat properly, get rest and don't wear yourself down too much.

Andi said...

Stacy - SSM has been keeping me updated. Glad to see you have posted and that Michael is doing better. Wanted you to know that your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers.

And remember, she may be the nurse - but you are the mom!

Call Me Grandma said...

What a beautiful site. Thank God he will mend and be alright. The prayers will continue until he is out and about.
Mom's out rank nurses, we all know that.
Love you guys. BIG HUGGGGGG!

Teresa said...

I'm a couple days late - I saw this at Hook and Army Wife's places. I've been praying like mad for him.

I know you're probably through the worst with the staff - but if you ever have a nurse you don't like - request a change - it's your right!

I hope he's been having a steady improvement and he gets to go home soon... home is so much better than hospital - well, execpt for the fact that you will have to do all the work then :-)

AFSister said...

I am very relieved to hear that Michael is doing better. My thoughts and prayers will be with you this weekend!


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