Sunday, October 29, 2006


What a picture first thing of a morning. I could sit and watch these critters all day long.

He had a very long day. It started out bright and early. We left the house about 0815 ad headed to Byram and stopped by his apartment for a few minutes, then I carried him to his friend's house so they could go to the stunt show. While he was at the stunt show, I managed to get so much done in town, then headed home and moved the bed back into the bedroom hoping that he would be able to sleep better.

After the stunt show Michael and a couple of his friends went to the hospital to see one of their friends that had a wreck 6 days after Michale's wreck. They said that he was glad to see him, and Michael was very glad to see Tyson. Michael said that he was wrestless, and seemed to not be able to get comfortable. I think Michael was able to really relate to Tyson, since he had been through something similar.

It was almost 10:00 pm when Michael called for me to come to Byram to pick him up. He had a very long day, but seemed liked he really enjoyed it. He got home and took his stitched out of his leg, and said it felt much better now.

It's almost 0800 on Sunday morning and he is still sleeping, so the bed being out of the living room must have done the trick. We all needed a good night sleep.

Not sure what is in store for today. I am going to wake him up shortly so that he won't sleep all day, and we can get him back on a schedule of sleeping during the night.


Call Me Grandma said...

so glad he is able to go out. That is always good for a person's spirits.
I am so happy he is doing so well.

The One (I know how to be) said...

Glad to hear you felt productive. It makes a difference.
Michael needed to be out and about, hope he didn't over do it??
Take care lady, glad you got a bit more sleep.

Army Wife said...

I am glad he is doing better..
and now get some sleep when you can..

How is the house coming?

yankeemom said...

Great update!! I bet getting out and about was good for him! And you too ~

Hope the sleeping continues. It's such good medicine for everyone.

kbug said...

It's good to hear that Michael is doing better and has been able to get out with his friends. I hope that you all get some good sleep from now on.

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