Thursday, October 19, 2006


I never knew the effects that pain medications would have on a person, until now. This has been a battle trying to adjust his pain medications. I think we have finally figured it out. We have cut it in half, and he says that half the dosage is doing the job.

We were up most of the night Tuesday night. He fell asleep right after I changed his bandages and gave him his lovenox shot, which he hates with a passion. He was asleep maybe 30 minutes, and then we were up most of the night. We knew that we had to do something to get him to sleeping better, and last night it seemed to work for us. If we have another good night tonight, we will have accomplished our goal of getting more than two hours of sleep a night.

We go Monday morning for our initial consultation with the Quest Outpatient Rehabilitation for his evaluation. They will determine how many days a week that he will need to go. He likes the outpatient program option much better than the inpatient one.

He will have satelite high speed internet in the morning so that he will have something to help occupy him. Dial-up is the only thing that we can get in our town. They have been saying for two years that high speed was coming, but it never has, so we found a company that will come out and install a satelite that can provide us with high speed internet. Just hope that it is all they say it is. We have 30 days to try it out and we should know by then if it is going to be worth it.

Thanks again to you all for your prayers, comments, cards and thoughts. It is very much appreciated. Once Michael has recovered, we will show him all the cards, list of visitors and phone calls received from everyone checking on him. Our house has been filled with visitors since he got home, and they told us that he might not remember the first couple of weeks of recovery, so we will have proof that lots of people care and love him.


Call Me Grandma said...

Hang in there Stacy, better days are ahead.
You guys are always in my prayers.

kbug said...

Oh my gosh, I don't read your blog for a while and when I come back...geez.

Last June, my husband had a motorcycle accident and broke both bones in his left lower leg...the big bone even came through the skin. He was off work for two months and was in physical therapy until Thanksgiving to get back all the motion in his ankle. He was really lucky, the truck that hit him was a very large bucket truck and he easily could have been killed. The funny thing is, he can't wait to settle with the other guy's insurance company so he can get another Harley...what do we do with these guys and their toys..... :)

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with Michael for a quick and complete recovery. Take care, and give that boy a hug for me, if you can do it without hurting him.

Army Wife said...

I keep checking in, hoping to hear better knews each time, and I do...
Prayers are still being said


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