Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It's 11:00 am on Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day, and I still don't have my kitchen complete. I do have cabinets and the new floor in, and they will be back today to put the sink in and maybe the countertop. This is just about to drive me crazy not having my house in order for Thanksgiving.
Hubby does not see how I have just not absolutely lost it by now. Well, you don't want to piss your contractor off while you have an emply kitchen and it's only two days before Thanksgiving. I have given up I guess. Nothing I can do to make him speed up. The last thing I want him doing is a half ass job.
At least it is starting to look more like a kitchen since the flooring is down and the cabinets without doors are built. No cabinet doors until next week, and I am not holding my breath on next week. He still has a wall to tear out and still has to build my pantry. So tomorrow everyone will just have to overlook the crap sitting all around.
I am off to try to put my dining room back in some kind of order. Have hundreds and hundreds of bottles that hubby has collected over the years that will have to be dusted before they can be placed back in there cabinets, and all my china dishes will have to be washed before I can display them again. And did I mention that I made the decision to not have a dishwasher put back in, instead I will have more storage space. I only use it once a year and that is at Thanksgiving and I could not justify spending money on a new one.
I'm headed out to work my self silly.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone...


devildog6771 said...

Sorry about you "mess!" You guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Don't worry about the rest. You're all still together. That's all that matters. I think your family may surprise you. Take care.

LoveMyTanker said...

Have a super Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving cyberfriend.
Thank God our soldiers are home.
God Bless you and yours.
God Bless our troops!

Some Soldier's Mom said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! You & your family are people for whom we are most thankful!

Everyone will overlook the dust (pardon our dust but remodel we must)... it's the PEOPLE that make the holiday (oh, and Stacy's great cooking...)... they don't come to look at the kitchen cabinets! Hugs to you all!

The One (I know how to be) said...

For you Lady, you relax and know Thanksgiving isn't about the Everyone will understand.
I am headed to Mom's in a few minutes, though can't let the day go by without getting in a few minutes to see what you all are up to.
Enjoy your day.


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