Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 Milblog Conference

If you attended last year, then you know that it is a MUST that you attend again this year. Lots of wonderful panelists will be there again this year. Never can get enough of AWTM, Some Soldiers Mom, Andi and Mary Ann plus lots more good bloggers.

My reservations for the hotel have been confirmed and my plane ticket has been purchased, so I am good to go.

Hope to see you all there...


Andi said...

Can't wait to see you again...

Army Wife said...

Getting VERY EXCITED to see you!!

need to get my ticket today!!

Some Soldier's Mom said...

got my hotel reservation... waiting on the plane tix as we might visit a child or two on the east coast, maybe friends in NY or family in IL... but we'll be in DC for the conference! Looking forward to seeing everyone again!! (unless you feel like a weekend some day soon in Vegas or AZ!!!)

Greta said...

Got my tickets & hotel!! Yay!!!!


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