Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Came home from work and DH said that it was a must that I grab the camera, so grab the camera I did, and these pictures just don't do them any justice.


Greg said...

So pretty!

Claire said...

Those are beautiful, and very timely for me. It is very rainy and cold here today, so this reminds me that Spring is here! Now if we could just convince the sun that it is time for him to make his appearance! :)

Karen said...

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. How thoughtful...I can remember my hubby bringing me Roses, whe he was alive. We lived close to those "Tyler Roses."

Pamela Reece said...

You have given my hope that soon my roses will be blooming. Here in Illinois we were shoveling snow a week ago. Today? It's almost 80 degrees! I love roses, but last year mine got some sort of beetle and I battled them all summer long. I had to get some powerful stuff to get rid of them. By the time I did, the summer was almost over. :-( I hope they don't come back again this year because I want to see beautiful blooms like those in your pix!!


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