Saturday, April 21, 2007


Just the most wonderful parents in the world decided to stop by for a tall glass of ice water. They had been on a short road trip with my Uncle and Aunt on their Trikes and thought they would surprise us.

I have an extremely busy week, then a very important mission with the Patriot Guard this weekend that I will be honored to attend. The following week I will attempt to get everything squared away and on Thursday head to DC for the 2007 Milbloging Conference. I am so so ready for a break.


Army Wife said...

I swear I could sleep on that bike...

DebbieKinIL said...

Just stopping by to say that the Patriot Guards are awesome. And I really respect what they do.

Claire said...


Do you own a bike and ride too? I am asking because many years back I used to work for the pediatric brain tumor foundation of the US and we did a motorcycle event as our major fund raiser. I imagine that there are folks in the PGRs who have attended some of the Ride for Kids events.

I really appreciate what the PGRs do for our military families. It is a very wonderful and tangible way to show support!

Stacy said...

Claire, I don't have a bike myself. I am actually scared to death of them, but I did manage to get on the back and ride with my Dad to one of our missions. If was very relaxing, but I prefer the car myself.

As for the PGR, it is a passion of mine ever since my son got back from Iraq. I felt that I needed to give something back, and this is what I choose, and I have enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people.


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