Thursday, July 05, 2007


Eight days later and gosh knows how many stitches the nurse cut and pulled out, that stung and hurt at times. I think I freaked out when he took the cast off today and I looked down to see the scar that is all of six to seven inches long. Starting from the middle of my foot on the side and going just under the bone and up my leg. And to think that I had just some little half inch cut. Boy was I wrong.

Each day is a better day. I tried going back to work on Tuesday and only lasted for a couple of hours. I did much better today. Even made it into the office before my Dr.'s appointment and was able to return after the new cast was put on. It has been great to have someone there to be my legs.

My boss sent me home at 3:00 and I was actually ready and did not put up a fuss. Even managed to get my hair trimmed on my way home as she was finishing enough the bottom fell out of the sky. Would not have done me a bit of good to have an umbella handy as I could not have held it and managed the crutches at the same time. So I opted to stick around for a few until it slacked up, and I finally made it home around 5:00 pm.

I got on the couch/recliner as soon as I got home, and I have just woke up. I was extremely tired I guess, and still am. Just can't do what I used to be able to do.


Army Wife said...

You are a freaking powerhouse, so do not let this leg get you down.

It takes a lot of the body's energy to heal itslef...

So allow the sleep when it comes.

think of it as "putting you out so your body can get better...."

You will be 100% if you follow orders and rest I promise, and then you can continue to run circles around the rest of us!

Greta said...

OMG girl - I miss a week and this happens. Let me know if you need anything!

Butterfly Wife said...

Good for you for trying work and then resting when it became too much. Like Army Wife said, you give it some time, you'll be back running around like crazy.

Guard Wife said...

It may feel like you're marking time & that recovery is slow in coming, but if you slow down enough to let it happen, it will take less time in the long run. You're doing great and we're all thinking about you!!!


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