Sunday, September 09, 2007


She moans and moans, so for now her name is Moaner. I am sure it will change as all of our other pets have started out with one name and ended up with something different. Not a good first night at all. I thought it would be best to put her beside my bed since DH was working, and I ended up just putting her in the bed with me, and we were up and down almost every hour. DH is home tonight so he has puppy duty and says that she is going outside. We will see.

Henry is still scared to death of her. He showed her his teath today. That is his way of letter her know he is the boss. He will get use to her soon I hope.

Binky is the only one that is having anything to do with her so far.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh but is she a cutie!


Claire said...

Awwwhhhh... that is a nice blog entry to read and look at on an icky Monday! Made me smile. Too cute!!

Some Soldier's Mom said...

she sure is cute! have you tried the alarm clock wrapped in a towel (ticking like a heartbeat) and a hot water bottle warapped in a towel (or pillow case)? supposed to keep them calm get them to sleep... maybe a small radio tuned to a "talk" station -- human voices?? better you than me LOL I am way too cranky if I don't get my sleep!


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