Wednesday, October 03, 2007


She is growing like a weed. She returns to the Vet next week and he is going to be very impressed compared to the last time he saw her. I say he is going to tell DH that he is feeding her way too much, but DH says he is not feeding her enough. DH just wants here to be as big as Henry I think.

She barks at the cats, but the cats don't pay her any attention. She is a very hyper puppy. She never sits still, nor can you hold her.

Seems as though she is going to be just as smart a dog a Henry.


Butterfly Wife said...

What a CUTIE! She's barely bigger than the cat.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I love the puppies. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Gettin' big, yeah, but still so darned cute....


Army Wife said...

I can no longer let my family see your blog, because I am evil for not allowing a pet...

"but she has 3"

come on Mommy PLEEASEEEEE...

those are adorable dogs,

Flag Gazer said...

She is getting BIG!
What a happy puppy!

dick said...

Right about now I am ready to move so I can get a dog. My present landlord hates all pets, in fact he is teaching his kids to be scared of all dogs.

I love big dogs and that one is going to be a good one. gorgeous


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