Saturday, February 02, 2008

Men and their toys...and animals

Hubby's new toy. He has been begging me to get on it for a week now, so I decided that I would try it out. I had been telling him all week long that if I did not learn how to operate it, then I would not ever have to mow the grass again. He assures me that he is not letting me mow the grass because he likes it that much. So I got on it and I just plain don't like it. Way too complicated for me.

It'a a beautiful day today in Mississippi. The dogs have been enjoying the sunshine all afternoon.


tammi said...

I'm with you...that looks WAY to complicated.

But those puppies!?!? Holy Moly, they are beautiful, and the baby is gettin' BIG!

What great pictures.

Claire said...

It looks beautiful there! Oh wow! I am living in the wrong state! ;P

Navy CPO said...

One of my dreams is to have a lawn big enough for me to buy a riding mower. I'm truly envious!


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