Sunday, March 08, 2009

Feeding the Wild

If I feed all the wildlife that is around the new house, I would probably go broke. These squirrels are eating the food as fast as I can put it out. This is the dominating one I think. He does not let the other up there until he is through eating all he is going to eat. He makes some kind of noise when another one tries to get close. They are so much fun to sit and watch. 

The humming birds have also arrived. Just have not been able to get a decent picture of them yet.

Lots still going on with trying to get settled in the new house.  Major problems with my Earthtek Drip System (septic).  Seems as though lightning struck the control panel while the house was on the market to be sold.   The realtor has contacted the previous owners and their homeowners insurance agent to advised them what is going on.  In the mean time I have had to shuck out more money than I care to talk about to get it back up and running.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the day.  They had to order a new control panel, two pumps and several other parts and they should be in tomorrow. 


MissJody said...

I have been looking all over these blogs, looking for strong army wives! I love your blog and I;m now a follower! My husband just got home from his first tour and I really could have used your blog!

MissJody said...

I tagged you on my blog!;) check it out!!

MissJody said...

I tagged you on my blog!;) check it out!!


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