Friday, May 29, 2009


Not what I really want to be thinking about, but don't have much of a choice at this point. What's really sad is that the time is not creeping, its zooming right on by us and not a thing in the word I can do about it. Life is just not always fair. 

I said that I was not going to count the days this time, but without even thinking about it, I know exactly how many days we have left until we tell him to BE SAFE...

He's got a lot more on his mind before he goes this time.  He's going to miss so much over the next 10 months.  He will become a daddy for the very first time and yes I will be an official Grandmother. [I have let the cat out of the bag]  He's going to miss out on some very important doctor's appointments, but we all are ready with our video cameras to capture each and every minute for him.  

If all goes well next week he will be able to get a pass and go with Kristy to have her first sonogram done. That will be the only doctor's appointment that he will be able to go to since he will be thousands of miles away.

I'm too young to be called Grandmother or Granny, so I think we will go with "MiTa" [pronounced 'myta'].  It's different.  Who knows, guess we could just wait and see whatever flies out of the little one's mouth the first time he/she wants something.

Going to be one spoiled baby for sure.


Call Me Grandma said...

That is how I got the name wah wah.
It just came out of Noah's mouth and it stuck.
He is nine going to be 10 next month and I am still wah wah.

tammi said...

I was Gamma. And I loved hearing that sweet little voice shriek it from room to room. LOL

I'm so excited for you all with this new baby. What a blessing.

And, you already know this but I have to say will ALL be in my prayers.


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