Monday, May 25, 2009


He was very happy to see us all. There's no better way to spend Memorial Day than with approximately 111 Soldiers who are getting ready to deploy to Iraq in a few short weeks. They needed this family day as much as the families needed it. Thanks to their Company Commander for making this day possible.

Amber, Charles, Donna (Kristy's Mom), myself, Brandon Godfrey (MP at Camp Shelby who is a very good friend of Michael's), Michael and Kristy.

It was a long quiet ride back home.  Very few words were said between us girls.  It was all I could do to keep the tears from flowing.  I think all I managed to say the whole ride home was to tell Kristy that it does not get easier, that it will actually get much harder over the next several weeks as we say those dreaded words (GOOD-BYE) time and time again.  

Our next big day will be June 2nd, and we are all excited about that day.  More to come about that big day when it gets here.


Guard Wife said...

That's nice that you guys could go and spend some time. The husband said it was like any other day for them--I think he hoped for a makeshift cookout or something. ;)

I told him to hang in there & I'd be down soon.

Mary said...

As my fiance always tells me...."Its not goodbye....Its see ya later"

Army Wife said...

I am glad you got to be there for the weekend....

I hate those kind of car trips.

SuzyQ said...

How great it was you could be with your soldiers on Memorial Day! These trips are sad but good too.
Bless you all !!!

kbug said...

Great pictures!! I, too, spent Memorial Day with my military boy...but he just returned from his second deployment to the sandbox last week, so it was a bit different atmosphere...we were celebrating his return where you are dreading your soldier's departure. Hang in there, Mom. I'll keep Michael in my prayers.

veterans support said...

you seems all very happy in the picture. I really love to see family reuniting and having a great time. I know that it will give him more encouragement to live and fight for you. =)

Liberty said...

What beautiful people! HIGH FIVE!!!! God Bless all of you!


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